E-Evaluation of your Home

By the end of the next business day (often quicker) you will be e-mailed a report on your property comparing recently sold and currently for sale properties along with an individualized marketing report tailored to buyers interested in the type of home you have and its location.

I will produce for you a comparison market value report on your property. This is done by comparing similar properties in similar areas including details and pictures of sold and actively for sale properties. I will then identify your target market and develop a plan to expose your home directly to this market. I will present a detailed marketing plan which encompasses the power of the internet to maximize your exposure and ultimately obtain the highest price possible for your home. Finally I will discuss how communication is vital in selling you home and how we will keep you informed every step of the way until your home is sold.

It all begins with you letting us know about your home. Please complete the property description form below and by the next business day and often sooner, you will receive an evaluation and marketing plan on your home at no cost or obligation to you.

If you prefer text.png and I can gather the information and together we can set a plan to meet your goal of selling your home.