Questions about Selling your Home

1. Why do I need a full time experienced Realtor?

As a Realtor working in the business for a number of years, I can assure you that the experience a Reatlor has gained in negotiating, overcoming obstacles in a deal and knowing the best way to market a property is invaluable to you. An experienced Realtor will be able to discuss with you the different issues that arise during each transaction and work to resolve any issues that may come into play. He/She will also have a number of trusted professionals that he/she can recommend to you to assist you throughout the sales process, thereby ensuring your peace of mind.

2. Do all Realtors offer the same service?

No. Your home is your greatest asset so, choose carefully. When deciding which Realtor you want to hire to sell your home, interview several, ask for testimonials and examine the quality and professionalism of the presentation and marketing plan they have prepared to sell your home. Then make your decision. Remember, you are the customer.

3. What should I expect from a top Real Estate Agent?

Knowledge, experience and the ability to produce and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy for your home are key expectations of a qualified, professional Realtor. A good Realtor will keep you completely informed at each step, allowing you to maintain control of the house-selling process.

4. What should I expect from my Realtor as far as communicating with us?

Ongoing communication with your Realtor is essential to ensure that you are receiving the personal service you deserve. You should expect regular updates providing feedback on customer showings as this is a good way to gauge interest in your home. The markets are always moving, so meeting with the realtor to review new home sales and new listings and how they affect your home sale is extremely important.

5. How important is a well executed marketing plan in selling my home?

Knowing who your potential market is and having a plan to reach this market is vitally important to selling your home. By identifying who is most likely to buy your home, a marketing plan can be designed to reach this targetted group and ensure that they have an opportunity to easily obtain information on your home. Executing this marketing plan in a prompt manner will ensure that your home is exposed to your target market as soon as possible. The more people in your target market that are aware that your home is for sale, the more likely you will receive the quickest sale for the most money possible.

6. How do I determine the proper selling price for my home?

Your Realtor has access to information about homes which have recently sold and are actively for sale in your neighborhood. He/She can determine what a competitive market value would by comparing the size, style, age, location, condition and unique features of your property with similar properties in your area. Based on a comparison of properties actively for sale, the prices of recently sold properties and taking into account current general market conditions, your Realtor will suggest a sale price range for your home.

7. What cost effective steps can I take to prepare my home for sale?

Here are three relatively simple and cost effective steps you can take to increase the value of your home.
1) The first and most important is to clean your home from top to bottom. This also includes the outside of your home. Wash windows, pull weeds, mow the lawn or shovel the walks. It is vitally important to the buyer that your home shows like it is well maintained and clean.
2) Remove as much of the clutter as possible. It is often worth your while to start packing the extras that you accumulate in life. Removing some of the furnishings can also make a room appear much larger. These items can be stored in a storage room or even a garage.
3) Finally, paint is the simplest way to clean up a property. Painting trim and walls can dramatically change the feel of a home to the buyer. Remember, buyers are looking for a clean, crisp home in which to start building their dreams.

8. What if I know of a problem with my home, should I disclose it to my Realtor?

It is always in your best interest to discuss any problems with your home with the Realtor. Your Realtor will advise you to disclose the deficiency to the buyer and often you will find that the buyers are willing to accept the problem or will find some way in which it can be rectified. In this way you never have to worry about a buyer suing you after the deal has closed.

9. Why do I need a current Real Property Report with compliance?

A Real Property Report is required as a way for the buyer and his financial institution to determine if all the buildings, fences, sidewalks, retaining walls, decks, etc. conform with current bylaws. If you have owned the house for some time or have made any changes to the mentioned items you will be required to obtain a new or updated report and be required to obtain a new compliance stamp. In some cases where the Real Property Report is not that old and no changes have been made to the property the existing Real Property Report can be used if the seller is willing to give a Statutory Declaration to the fact that no alterations, additions or improvements have been made to the property. The buyer may be willing to accept the existing report with compliance.

10. Why should I choose Real Phaneuf as my Realtor?

As a proven professional Real has obtained many of the top performance awards available in his company and his industry. The years of experience and dedicated service he has provided to the industry has made Real a trusted professional for his clients. Real’s attention to detail and constant striving to offer his clients the latest avenues to successfully market their homes has paid dividends to sellers that have chosen Real to represent them in selling their homes. Here are just a few testimonials on what Real can offer you.

If you prefer, text.png now and I can gather the information and together we can set a plan to meet your goal of selling your home.