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Utilizing the skills and resources of a Mortgage Specialist benefits you in several ways. An expert in mortgage financing, a Mortgage Specialist will shop your mortgage to find a great rate and terms that will suit your current situation. There are many different mortgages and options available in the market place. Your Mortgage Broker will work with you to customize your mortgage to match your financial goals and needs while ensuring you get a lower rate on your mortgage. The Mortgage Specialists we work with are available on a flexible schedule, so they can assist you with your financing needs whenever it best suits your schedule. Feel free to contact them anytime - they will be glad you called.

Jason Dodd with First Foundation


Jason Dodd

Jason found his niche in the financial services industry early on. Over the past 15 years, Jason has moved his way from major banks to home builders to brokerages large and small. Let’s just say he’s got the experience, with the care and expertise of a specialized professional - especially when mortgages are the topic. Jason has always set the precedence that he is with his clients “for the life of their mortgage” - supporting his clients through all their many life changes.

Throughout Jason’s career he has always taken the approach to listen to each and every client’s unique situation, provide them with advice to match their needs, and then apply the best-fit solution. With a diploma in Applied Financial Services, Jason brings a strong set of skills to assist clients with the home buying process - with the goal always being home ownership!

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If you would like to discuss the role of a mortgage broker before you contact one please text.png   I can explain the advantages of dealing with this type of professional in more detail.